Big Brother is Back!

For those of you who do not know, Big Brother is the most exciting thing about summer for me. The first week is over so I figured I would start writing my own thoughts, predictions, and favorite moments from throughout the season. I did a BuzzFeed post of my preseason predictions here, but my hopes were crushed early when my pick to win, Cameron, was the first evicted.

However, Paul replaced him so it as if never Cameron never existed *cries*. Which means, if Paul wins I was still kinda right the whole time, right?

While I do not watch the live streams on CBS All Access, I am able to watch Big Brother After Dark (BBAD) for a few hours on Pop TV. The one night I tuned in and was shocked *not really* to find Megan had removed herself from the game. She was my pick to be evicted second, so I am 1-1 on the season.

Moving on.

There is not as much eye candy as seasons past, but the few pieces we do have are pretty nice. In a perfect world, Matt and Cody make it to final two and then I move in and we just live happily ever after. However, I soon realized Cody probably runs one of those awful Meninist Twitter accounts. The way he treated Megan at nominations was disgusting, and he just walks around like he has this in the bag (he doesn’t).  I did not see him socializing with any other houseguests on BBAD, and he seems to be lacking any type of enthusiasm towards the game.

As for this season’s theme, I am not a fan of the temptations so far. It seems as if they have all benefited Paul. I know this is strictly for ratings, as he was one of the most liked players from last season, but I just can’t get behind the beard. I hope they do not hand him the season like they did for Nicole last year.

Having not been spoiled about the POV yet, I think Jillian will be leaving this week. She feels well-liked in the house, but I do not think she has the strength to really campaign against anyone else. Other people want it more and I think anyone on the block will eat her up.

I plan to update this between the Thursday and Sunday episodes from here on out. I look forward to watching with all of you, and be sure to leave your thoughts in comments! Please no spoilers of things not yet aired on TV!



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