Kroger Advertising Through SEO

The Kroger Co. already utilizes a variety of advertising media channels from traditional billboards and TV commercials, to new techniques like social media. One new media channel for them to explore could be search engine optimization (SEO).

SEO is the practice of designing a website in such a way that the architecture, content, and links that make up the website help it rank better in search engine results (Rapp, 2010). For a company like Kroger, a grocery store, this would be beneficial whenever someone performs a search query for certain ingredients, grocery store locations, or special services that Kroger provides like, a bakery or florist.

There are several research steps that go into creating a successful SEO campaign. Research is what allows the brand to elevate their message, assess the industry and competition, and identify the target market (Fletcher, 2013). These are the most crucial factors to consider when determining a keyword campaign for successful SEO. The first steps are to analyze the current website and consumer behavior.

Kroger will have to use analytical tools to explore what consumers are searching. These keywords help segment the market into desired targets and determine what content is placed on the website (Rapp, 2010). Once Kroger analyses what keywords are most influential they may create specific web pages that give those campaigns the best opportunity for growth.

Implementing successful SEO is a matter of trial and error. Kroger will need to use diagnostic tools to measure the effectiveness of their web design. Tools like Google Analytics allows brand to track their website traffic and most searched keywords (Rapp, 2010). If Kroger notices their website is not receiving an increase in visits, they may use diagnostic tools to see what is preventing search engine spiders from navigating their page (Rapp, 2010). It may be that the site architecture does not flow well, content is not coded correctly, or elements like flash animations are blocking content (Rapp, 2010). Kroger can take this data and go back to the drawing board to build a better website.



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