Could Starbucks Rebrand?

Starbucks is one of my favorite companies, and I probably would not be able to get through school with out it. While I am sitting in the corner by myself, typing my papers and sipping on my chai latte, I can’t help but think about what Starbucks could be in the future. I already see them branching out with more hot paninis, breakfast sandwiches, and even a new poached egg breakfast item.  I see the potential to make a switch from a quick stop on the way to work, to a place you come and socialize after your 9-5.

At my location, the majority of seating options consist of small tables that seat two people. Part of Starbuck’s rebranding process could include adding seating that accommodates larger groups. They may even add rooms that can be reserved for special meetings, away from the bustle of the busy store. Ultimately, this rebranding could result in adding one more item to the consumer’s basket, in grocery store terms. Instead of buying your lone grande mocha, you may buy a salad or wrap to enjoy with your best friend. Perhaps there are spaces for your children to color or watch TV while you do your work.


Social Media & Me

As a 22-year-old, social media has been a part of my life since high school. It’s sad to say, but I can’t imagine life without my smartphone and being able to mindlessly browse Twitter whenever I want. Social media has been both a time-killer before bed, and admittedly, a savior to avoid eye contact and awkward situations. As I go through school and see the potential social media now has in the business world, I am recognizing it is not just for entertainment – it is an actual tool.

The majority of my social media consumption takes place on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. I usually check all three several times a day, to keep up on current events, my friends’ activities, and updates from my favorite celebrities or brands. Yes, I have notifications set up for every time Taylor Swift posts something. I also love finding new recipes to try through Facebook, or drawing inspiration for photography from Instagram and Pinterest.

Twitter is where I really let my thoughts fly. I love the micro blogging style of Twitter that allows immediate contact with people all over the world, to discuss important issues, and connect on similar interests. I also use Twitter to reach out to companies that I have had a bad experience with, questions, or simply let them know I was satisfied. It seems social media yields quicker replies than customer service lines these days.

I’ve recently tried to use these tools for more professional matters. I revisited my LinkedIn, which had gone neglected for some time, and updated my information, while making some new connections. I also discovered the world of Twitter chats, and that there are several of them being led by influences in a variety of subjects every day.

I don’t have much to gripe about when it comes to social media. If there is one issue I have, it is that all of these platforms are trying to become too similar to each other. All three of my favorite platforms now offer live video streaming, and brands seem to post the same exact content on every platform at once.

Instagram recently rolled out their Stories feature, a move to take on Snapchat, and Facebook now has a similar feature in their Messenger app. I would prefer each of my social media tools play very distinct roles, rather than vary just enough for me to keep all three.

Meanwhile, we still don’t have an edit button on Twitter.