Brand Sentiment and Strength

As I am starting this blog, I am sitting in Starbucks so I figured I would analyze their profile on Social Searcher. According to the sentiment overview, the majority of social media mentions are neutral, with 65% of the total posts. There are much more positive posts than negative ones, with 27% being positive, and 8% negative (Social Searcher). However, I noticed that these could be misleading as Social Searcher’s system may misidentify some posts.

For example, one of the neutral posts I viewed was a user attacking Starbucks for their newly announced refugee-employment goal. This seemed very negative in nature but may have been categorized differently due to certain keywords. The large portion of neutral posts may be attributed to people simply looking for information rather than commenting on an experience. Some of the more popular topics searched were about Starbucks jobs and whether or not certain products were available.

Tweets were the most popular type of post, with most of them occurring on Sunday and Monday. The most common type of post overall, was a photo. This makes sense, as a lot of people post pictures of their Starbucks cup with their name written on it. I once heard that it was an actual marketing technique for baristas to misspell names on purpose, thus the customer is more likely to post a picture of the cup.

Starbucks’s social media mentions spike whenever they release something new. Earlier this week, the molten chocolate drink was announced to correspond with Valentine’s Day. I think one reason their online presence is so strong is because Starbucks actively engages with their audience. If you make a post with a question, comment, or suggestion they will most likely respond with a personal, sometimes witty message.

Social Searcher. “Starbucks”. (2017). Retrieved on February 11, 2017 from  buzz/?wblng=&ntw=&psttyp=&searchid=&period=&value=&fbpage=&q5=starbucks

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