The Importance of Marketing Integration

As the marketing world starts to shift from outbound marketing to inbound marketing, social media plays a vital role in interacting with, and drawing in customers. Marketers cannot just create an advertisement and throw it in front of a large audience, hoping a few leads stick. They must learn to weave their way into consumers’ everyday lives and get past all of the filtering that goes one.

Billboards are being ignored, radio stations are being replaced by streaming services, and television commercials are being fast-forwarded. Marketers need to use social media to reach their specific target markets, create a personal customer relationship, and turn that customer into a brand ambassador on their own social media platforms. Here are the three tips I chose from “26 Tips for Integrating Social Media Activities”.

Apps Increase Brand Awareness and Customer Loyalty

An app acts as the company’s own little social platform in a way. It is completely dedicated to content for one brand, and doesn’t have to compete with all of the other content on a popular social media site. Apps also encourage more action from the customer. For example, the Starbucks app allows the customer to create a personalized drink, order it, and pick it up with out waiting in line. Having your own space dedicated to someone’s phone screen is a great way to ensure they are checking in on what is happening with the business every day.

E(x)cellent Customer Service Can Be Provided Through Social Media

Social media can be used to immediately tackle customer concerns, complaints, and questions within minutes of them posting to your social media page. Long gone are the days when a frazzled consumer has to call a 1-800 number, and wait on hold for 20 minutes, just to get transferred to another person. Companies employ entire teams dedicated to responding to customers in real time. They can also seek out mentions of the company and reply with product suggestions, or simply thank the customer for enjoying their product.

Serve Your Clients though Social Business Integration

Social media should not just come into play after the customer buys the product. In the past, I would get excited if one of my favorite companies actually responded back to me on social media. Today, I think it should be second nature for social media marketers to reach out to their audience. It should be no different than a salesperson helping a customer in the showroom.

Integrating social media into the business process is not only convenient for the customer, it leads to more sales for the business. A Facebook page can now double as an online store where the customer can place an order without even going to the company’s actual website. If a customer is debating about a product, tweet them a link that takes them right to your review page. Several different pages can also be set up for different aspects of the business. Consider a separate Twitter page just for handling customer service so that it doesn’t clog up your main account’s timeline.

These are just three of the many approaches to jumping into social media integration. All of the tools a marketer would ever need are already out there; it is up to them to put them to good use.



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