Marketing Research Project

For my marketing research class I am to pick a company and introduce a new product to market. For my final project I have chosen to create marketing brief for Procter and Gamble. More specifically, I will be focusing on their Crest line of toothpastes. Procter & Gamble was founded in 1837 and has grown to the world’s largest consumer goods company. They own a number of billion dollar brands ranging from paper towels and laundry supplies to cosmetics and personal care items (Bender, n.d.).

I want to focus on Crest and creating a new toothpaste that could be very relevant in 2017. As consumers become more conscious of their bodies and the environment, I think adding all-natural toothpaste would be a great idea for Crest. It will be free of fluoride, artificial colorings or flavors, and other ingredients many consumers deem harmful to their bodies. There are already numerous brands offering this same type of product but they are much smaller and harder to find that Procter & Gamble brands. If they can harness their existing consumers and brand notoriety I think this could be a very successful product.

Bender, J. (n.d.). Topic: Procter & Gamble. Retrieved January 08, 2017, from

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